* denotes equal contribution

# denotes co-corresponding authors

Key Publications:

Chromosome segregation errors generate a diverse spectrum of simple and complex genomic rearrangements

Ly P#, Brunner SF, Shoshani O, Kim DH, Lan W, Pyntikova T, Flanagan AM, Behjati S, Page DC, Campbell PJ, and Cleveland DW#

Nature Genetics 51:705-715 (2019)

Rebuilding chromosomes after catastrophe: emerging mechanisms of chromothripsis

Ly P# and Cleveland DW#

Trends in Cell Biology 27:917-930 (2017) [Cover Image]

Selective Y centromere inactivation triggers chromosome shattering in micronuclei and repair by non-homologous end joining

Ly P, Teitz LS, Kim DH, Shoshani O, Skaletsky H, Fachinetti D, Page DC, and Cleveland DW

Nature Cell Biology 19:68-75 (2017)

All Publications:

Restoration of deficient DNA repair genes mitigates genome instability and increases productivity of Chinese hamster ovary cells

Spahn PN*, Zhang X*, Hu Q, Hamaker NK, Hefzi H, Li S, Kuo CC, Huang H, Lee JC, Ly P, Lee KH#, and Lewis NE#

bioRxiv (2021)

Mechanistic origins of diverse genome rearrangements in cancer

Dahiya R*, Hu Q*, Ly P

Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, in press (2021)

Chromothripsis drives the evolution of gene amplification in cancer

Shoshani O, Brunner SF, Yaeger R, Ly P, Nechemia-Arbely Y, Kim DH, Fang R, Castillon GA, Yu M, Li JS, Sun Y, Ellisman MH, Ren B, Campbell PJ#, and Cleveland DW#

Nature 591:137-141 (2021)

A POLE P286R mouse model of endometrial cancer recapitulates high mutational burden and immunotherapy response

Li HD, Li C, Zhang H, Hu Q, Zhang J, Cuevas IC, Sahoo SS, Aguilar M, Maurais EG, Zhang S, Wang X, Akbay EA, Li GM, Li B, Koduru P, Ly P, Fu YX, and Castrillon DH

Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight 5:138829 (2020)


Cellular and genomic approaches for exploring structural chromosomal rearrangements

Hu Q, Maurais EG, and Ly P

Chromosome Research 28:19-30 (2020)

TRIP13 and APC15 drive mitotic exit by turnover of interphase- and unattached kinetochore-produced MCC

Kim DH, Han JS, Ly P, Ye Q, McMahon M, Myung KJ, Corbett KD#, and Cleveland DW#

Nature Communications 9:4354 (2018)


Chromosomal instability drives metastasis through a cytosolic DNA response

Bakhoum SF*, Ngo B*, Laughney AM, Cavallo JA, Murphy CJ, Ly P, Shah P, Sriram RK, Watkins TBK, Taunk NK, Duran M, Pauli C, Shaw C, Chadalavada K, Rajasekhar VK, Genovese G, Venkatesan S, Birkbak NJ, McGranahan N, Lundquist M, LaPlant Q, Healey JH, Elemento O, Chung CH, Lee NY, Imielenski M, Nanjangud G, Pe’er D, Cleveland DW, Powell SN, Lammerding J, Swanton C, and Cantley LC

Nature 553:467-472 (2018) [Cover Image]

Interrogating cell division errors using random and chromosome-specific missegregation approaches

Ly P and Cleveland DW

Cell Cycle 16:1252-1258 (2017)


CENP-A is dispensable for mitotic centromere function after initial centromere/kinetochore assembly

Hoffmann S*, Dumont M*, Barra V, Ly P, Nechemia-Arbely Y, McMahon MA, Hervé S, Cleveland DW#, and Fachinetti D#

Cell Reports 17:2394-2404 (2016)


MYC is a major determinant of mitotic cell fate

Topham C*, Tighe A*, Ly P, Bennett A, Sloss O, Nelson L, Ridgway RA, Huels D, Littler S, Schandl C, Sun Y, Bechi B, Procter DJ, Sansom OJ, Cleveland DW, and Taylor SS

Cancer Cell 28:129-140 (2015)


DNA sequence-specific binding of CENP-B enhances the fidelity of human centromere function

Fachinetti D, Han JS, McMahon MA, Ly P, Abdullah A, Wong AJ, and Cleveland DW

Developmental Cell 33:314-327 (2015)


Cavin-3 dictates the balance between ERK and Akt signaling

Hernandez VJ, Weng J, Ly P, Pompey S, Dong H, Mishra L, Schwarz MA, Anderson RG, and Michaely P

eLife 2:e00905 (2013)


Aneuploid human colonic epithelial cells are sensitive to AICAR-induced growth inhibition through EGFR degradation

Ly P, Kim SB, Kaisani AA, Marian G, Wright WE, and Shay JW

Oncogene 32:3139-3146 (2013)


Mitigation of radiation-induced damage by targeting EGFR in noncancerous human epithelial cells

Kim SB, Ly P, Kaisani AA, Zhang L, Wright WE, and Shay JW

Radiation Research 180:259-267 (2013)


Targeting of Nrf2 induces DNA damage signaling and protects colonic epithelial cells from ionizing radiation

Kim SB, Pandita RK, Eskiocak U, Ly P, Kaisani AA, Kumar R, Cornelius C, Wright WE, Pandita TK, and Shay JW

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109:2949-2955 (2012)


RNAi screening of the human colorectal cancer genome identifies multifunctional tumor suppressors regulating epithelial cell invasion

Ly P, Eskiocak U, Parker CR, Harris KJ, Wright WE, and Shay JW

Cell Research 22:1605-1608 (2012)


Functional parsing of driver mutations in the colorectal cancer genome reveals numerous suppressors of anchorage-independent growth

Eskiocak U, Kim SB, Ly P, Roig AI, Biglione S, Komurov K, Cornelius C, Wright WE, White MA, and Shay JW

Cancer Research 71:4359-4365 (2011)


Characterization of aneuploid populations with trisomy 7 and 20 derived from diploid human colonic epithelial cells

Ly P, Eskiocak U, Kim SB, Roig AI, Hight SK, Lulla DR, Zou YS, Batten K, Wright WE, and Shay JW

Neoplasia 13:348-357 (2011)

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