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Postdoctoral Fellows


Candidates are invited to submit a CV with the contact information for 3 references and a cover letter describing your academic background, career goals, and most importantly, why you are specifically interested in our lab. Individuals with a strong background in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, microscopy, cytogenetics, and/or computational genomics are encouraged to apply, although we welcome any area of expertise. Applicants must hold a doctoral degree in a relevant scientific area before starting the position and show significant promise for leading an independent research project, including outstanding publications in peer-reviewed journals and/or pre-prints.


Graduate Students


We are part of the Cancer Biology and Genetics, Development, and Disease Ph.D. training programs within the UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Currently enrolled students who are interested in pursuing a rotation in our lab should contact Peter to schedule a brief and informal meeting. Feel free to also drop by the lab to chat with anyone in our team.


Research Staff


Applicants are invited to submit a CV and a cover letter describing their research interests and career goals.

Please direct all applications and inquiries via email to Dr. Peter Ly.

Philosophy on Mentorship and Expectations

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive laboratory environment aimed at offering exceptional training and career development opportunities for fellows and students. As a mentor, my goal is to do everything I can to help you acquire the skillsets and accomplishments that you will need to advance to, and excel at, the next stage of your career – whether that is in academia, industry, or elsewhere. In return, I expect you to work passionately, think creatively, become immersed in your research project, and to actively engage with your peers and the local and broader scientific community. Our team strives to stand at the cutting-edge of science while also enjoying our time inside and outside of the lab.

UT Southwestern – located in the heart of the Southwestern Medical District in Dallas, Texas – provides an exceptional and vibrant atmosphere for conducting groundbreaking, collaborative research in a number of biomedical and health-related disciplines. Learn more >>

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